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Burton High School

08/25/2011 — 05/31/2015

Graduated as valedictorian, participated as a cross-country team member, buildOn global education officer, Bayview Beacon tutor, and Reading Partners tutor.

UC Berkeley

08/25/2015 — 05/15/2019

As we like to repeat endlessly, UC Berkeley is the #1 public school in the world. Through on-campus activities and internships during college, I discovered what I truly wanted to do in life.

Cognitive Science Major


After much contemplation and three major switches, I settled on Cognitive Science, which has six fields all in one major. Within Cog Sci, I have a concentration in psychology and computational modeling.

Computer Science Minor


To take advantage of one of the top Computer Science programs in the world and to improve myself as an engineer and developer, I decided to minor in CS to strengthen my programming foundation.

The Climate Corporation

Software Engineering Intern

05/21/2018 - 08/10/2018

Developed React Native app for QR codes, queries/updates records with SQL and DML. Modernized events app with search, sort, and edit and added form with Apex (Java) backend. Enhanced testing automation with addition of over 100 front and back -end unit tests. Within Commercial Engineering team's React/Redux/Salesforce web apps, fixed bugs and added reusable feature components, such as toast notifications, tooltips, and components for internationalization to support growth on Salesforce platform and expansion into Europe.


Full Stack Engineer, Web and Mobile

03/15/2017 — 05/15/2018

Built the front end of web app (including homepage, form, and dashboard components) and mobile app using React, React Native, and Redux. Integrated front end components with backend functions, data, and API calls. Worked with MongoDB/mongoose/GraphQL to create API calls, update, and save user data. Refactored the vehicle API to use two different services for VIN decoding and car data. Integrated Google Maps Places API to increase location accuracy and route distances. Implemented and improved new features and fixed challenging bugs on web/mobile apps.


Front End Web Developer

08/01/2016 — 6/15/2017

Created customized product registration forms and web applications. Optimized forms and web apps for all browsers and devices through bug fixes and testing. Implemented features such as locale switchers, input validation, and IP detection. Updated company's Photoregister for Web Liquid template to fix recurring issues and increase implementation workflow efficiency.

Asian American Assoc.

Web Developer, Public Relations Chair, Internal Relations Head

09/15/2015 — 12/15/2017

As web developer, I created a new website with HTML, CSS, and jQuery for AAA and maintained it throughout the year with requested updates. As PR chair, I led my committee and officers in marketing AAA events to students on-campus and online. In handling AAA's social media presence, I saw a few gaps in our marketing and outreach and thus created and maintained new social media accounts for AAA. As internal relations head, I and a partner planned and carried out bi-weekly events for dozens of club members.

Web Design DeCal

Web Development Instructor

01/08/2017 — present

Became instructor for Fall 2018 after TAing for the Spring 2018 semester. Spearheaded modernized CSS curriculum, including creation of lectures, demos, homework. Gave lectures to 120+ students, held weekly office hours, and led programming activities. Revitalized, revamped, maintained, and updated Jekyll-based online handbook. Created resource guides for HTML, CSS, JS and associated tools, frameworks, and libraries.

Foundation for Letters

Lead Web Developer, Project Manager

12/15/2016 — 05/15/2017

Led team of 9 developers and 3 designers alongside organization's CEO. Set up and maintained GitHub, Slack, Trello, assignments and updates. Developed website from wireframes using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JS. Taught and mentored less experienced developers in Git and web dev.

Discord Stop Bot

Node.js, PostgreSQL, Discord.js

06/01/2017 — present

Stop Bot is a message moderation bot for Discord. Though it began as a joke between friends, I realized it had the potential to be really useful for others and developed it into a general message moderation bot. Currently, it is active in over 2,400 Discord servers with a total of 90,000+ users.

Devil's Advocate

HTML, CSS, jQuery, Node.js

12/15/2017 — 03/01/2018

Created website with survey, archives, and blog for Devil's Advocate. TypeForm and MailChimp APIs were integrated on the backend. Using the TypeForm Response API and Google Sheets API, multiple score variables were calculated based on survey answers and users were assigned groups/interests on the MailChimp list.


Node.js, Discord.js

12/20/2017 — 01/15/2017

A referral bot for referral-based Discord servers. It counts and displays the number of an invites each user has, their current rank, the number of invites until their next rank, and the name of a user's next rank. It also shows the top 10 ranking referrers.

Liquefy Web App

HTML, CSS, React, Node.js

08/15/2016 — 08/30/2016

Liquefy is a Liquid language filtering app, originally made for non-technical Registria staff and marketers. The user can input any block of code with Liquid templating, and it'll filter it for the Liquid snippets. The results are searchable by Liquid tags.

Newsworthy Tab

HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery

03/01/2017 — 04/15/2017

Experimented with creating and publishing a Google Chrome Extension. This custom new tab has a to-do list, weather, and allows convenient viewing of the top news articles of the day. A weather API and a news API were used for data. Uses the localStorage API for user data persistence.

CS Career Hackers


05/01/2017 — 07/25/2017

A revamped website built from scratch for the CS Career Hackers nonprofit and community.




My newly updated resume for 2018.



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