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Burton High School

08/25/2011 — 05/31/2015

I took every opportunity that came my way in high school. As a result, I graduated as valedictorian, ran with varsity crosscountry, led buildOn as a global education officer, tutored at Bayview Beacon, and volunteered with Reading Partners.

UC Berkeley

08/25/2015 — 05/15/2019

As we like to repeat at every ceremony and event, UC Berkeley is the #1 public school in the world. Through participating in on-campus activities, working at internships, and making a lot of mistakes during college, I took large leaps in discovering myself and my purpose.

Cognitive Science Major


After a lot of contemplation and multiple major switches, I settled on Cognitive Science, a very interdisciplinary major suiting my interdisciplinary and multifaceted background. Within Cognitive Science, I had a concentration in psychology and computer science.


Software Engineer

06/24/2019 - present

Currently, I am working on very interesting things with the Unified Shell team in Adobe's Digital Experience Cloud.

The Climate Corporation

Software Engineering Intern

05/21/2018 - 08/10/2018

This was my first internship at a company that wasn't an early stage startup, which meant I gained a deeper understanding of the standards within the industry along with how to navigate a larger codebase worked on by a larger team. Read more about what I did.


Full Stack Engineer, Web and Mobile

03/15/2017 — 05/15/2018

Stowk was an interesting ride for many reasons. It was a very early stage startup, and I had to wear many, many hats, over time going from intern to frontend part-timer to full-stack engineer to team lead. There were ups and downs, late nights, and funding stress, but I not doubt learned the most from this experience out of everything else. Read more about what I did.


Front End Web Developer

08/01/2016 — 6/15/2017

My first real development job I snagged in fall of college sophomore year right after self-learning how to code in the summer. I shoved my foot in the door of the software industry, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity and my manager who was super supportive. My journey began here. Read more about what I did.

Asian American Association

Commitee Chair and Internal Relations Head

09/15/2015 — 12/15/2017

"AAA is where I made 90% of my friends" is a line I've heard from more than a dozen people, including myself. While a lot of my other experiences are technical and targeted towards a career in software engineering, this experience stands out as leadership, and community-focused. Read more about what I did.

Web Design DeCal

Web Development Instructor

01/08/2017 — 05/03/2019

Becoming instructor for Fall 2018 after TAing for Spring 2018 was an honor and a challenge. During this time, after years of using outdate resources, we took it upon ourselves to revamp the curriculum, website, lecture materials, and class resources while also preparing for a new semester of 120+ students and training the new cohort of TAs. It was chaotic, but ultimately very fulfilling. Read more about what I did.

Foundation for Letters

Lead Web Developer, Project Manager

12/15/2016 — 05/15/2017

This was my first experience volunteering for a nonprofit using tech. This foray taught me nonprofit administration and teams operate very differently, and the same knowledge found within the tech industry cannot be expected, but it is possible to be productive in spite of that. Read more about what I did.

Discord Stop Bot

Node.js, PostgreSQL, Discord.js

06/01/2017 — present

Stop Bot is a message moderation bot for Discord. Though it began as a joke between friends, I realized it had the potential to be really useful for others and developed it into a general message moderation bot. Currently, it is active in over 2,000 Discord servers with 90,000+ users.

Devil's Advocate

HTML, CSS, jQuery, Node.js

12/15/2017 — 03/01/2018

The project was a weekly newsletter that sends political articles subscribers will disagree with in order to foster more open-minded dialog. I built a website for hosting the survey and a backend for automatically categorizing subscribers and assigning MailChimp tags based on survey answers.


Node.js, Discord.js

12/20/2017 — 01/15/2017

A referral bot for referral-based Discord servers. It counts and displays the number of an invites each user has, their current rank, the number of invites until their next rank, and the name of a user's next rank. It also shows the top 10 ranking referrers.

Liquefy Web App

HTML, CSS, React, Node.js

08/15/2016 — 08/30/2016

Liquid language filtering app for non-technical Registria staff. Input any block of code with Liquid templating, and it’ll filter it for the Liquid snippets. The results are searchable by Liquid tags.

CS Career Hackers

HTML, Sass, JS

05/01/2017 — 07/25/2017

A revamped website built from scratch for the CS Career Hackers nonprofit, which connects a community of software engineers on a mission of lifelong-learning with peers, mentors, and mock interviewers.

Newsworthy Tab

HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery

03/01/2017 — 04/15/2017

This one is a little embarrassing since I built it when I was first learning how to code, but I tried my hand at building a Chrome extension, a new tab page. This custom new tab has a to-do list, weather, and top news articles of the day.




My newly updated resume for 2018.




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